About us

“Back in childhood, there were so many things that fascinated us.

Whether it was the ocean, falling stars, amusement park with breathtaking attractions and cotton candy, or similar great things and events, so at first sight this left us with excitement and the air was gone.

We were excited and happy. And we can still remember some unique experiences even today.

Sadly, as you grow older, your enthusiasm fades away, and much is now too usual. In addition, we enjoy less and less about great things.

It’s hard to surprise or be astonished. Wonderful and high-quality services and products lose themselves in this way in the measure of mediocrity, because they receive too little attention generated.

But we at Sorkin-Media have not given up the belief in the fascination, experience and enthusiasm in the adult world.

On the contrary, we want to bring this belief back and make the world more colorful with our creative marketing tools to upgrade promotions and marketing campaigns. “